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Stanford NLP Group    @stanfordnlp    11/30/2021      

At our next @stanfordnlp seminar on Dec 2, we have @GabrielSaadia presenting her amazing work on modeling misinformation, implied toxicity and commonsense implications with machine reasoning. 11am PT (open to public): details-, reg.-
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Stanford NLP Group    @stanfordnlp    11/26/2021      

Under-construction thread in which @RishiBommasani highlights some of the great material in the Foundation Models paper. 🧵👇
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Stanford NLP Group    @stanfordnlp    11/26/2021      

Impressive new work from MSR/PKU on a multimodal foundation model, uniformly using a 3D encoder-decoder transformer for all of text, images, video. Scaling to video is still difficult; model is pretrained on 64xA100x2 weeks.
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Stanford NLP Group    @stanfordnlp    11/23/2021      

“Computer vision foundation models, which are trained on diverse, large-scale dataset and can be adapted to a wide range of downstream tasks, are critical for this mission to solve real-world computer vision applications.”
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Stanford NLP Group    @stanfordnlp    10/19/2021      

🆕 Stanford CoreNLP 4.3.1 for Java #NLProc is out with support for new languages—Italian & Hungarian—using code from corenlp-it by Alessandro @Bond____ & data from @DH_FBK, UD, Szeged, NYTK, SPMRL (thx!) & improved PTBTokenizer with full Emoji v14 support.
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Stanford NLP Group    @stanfordnlp    6/1/2021      

Our last Stanford NLP Seminar of the spring quarter features Lillian Lee of Cornell presenting on Online Discussion Dynamics. This Thursday Jun 3 10am PT, open to the public! Sign up: P.S. NLP Seminar continues through the summer - stay tuned!
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