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Yuandong Tian    @tydsh    11 hours      

In tomorrow's #NeurIPS2021 poster session #2 (Tuesday 16:30pm PT), we have three papers: 2 about RL exploration (https://t.co/nqdn26QHkw, https://t.co/eAgpqjyZoY) and 1 about learning space partition for path planning (https://t.co/mQ1G877v4W). Welcome any questions/feedbacks!

Yuandong Tian    @tydsh    12/6/2021      

I am looking for a postdoc who wants to work on either of the following research topics: (1) learning to optimize via ML/RL techniques, (2) understanding and improving self-supervised learning techniques. Please contact me (yuandong@fb.com) if you are interested. Thanks!
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Yuandong Tian    @tydsh    11/23/2021      

The code is now available: https://t.co/nqdn26QHkw. Thanks all the collaborators @tianjun_zhang @HarryXu12 @xiaolonw Yi Wu, Kurt Keutzer, @mejoeyg!
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