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Max Welling    @wellingmax   ·   9/7/2021
Brilliant work by Andy Keller on unsupervised learning of approximately equivariant capsules.
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Max Welling    @wellingmax   ·   10/7/2021
The next generation of fully steerable E(3) equivariant GNN architecture. The paper also presents a neat unified view on equivariant message passing methods. Brilliant work by @jo_brandstetter, @robdhess, @ElisevanderPol, @erikjbekkers. (Johannes is on ELLIS exchange from Linz)
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Max Welling    @wellingmax   ·   10/7/2021
The next generation fully steerable E(3) Equivariant Graph Neural Network. The paper also explains a neat unification between various equivariant message passing architectures. Fantastic work by @jo_brandstetter, @robdhess, @ElisevanderPol, @erikjbekkers.
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Max Welling    @wellingmax   ·   10/3/2021
But when you look you would be almost certain that you are now too late to submit 😉. Beautiful visualization Btw. I watched it 10 times.
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Johannes Brandstetter
Tenure Track Researcher at JKU Linz, currently ELLIS PostDoc at University of Amsterdam

Jian Tang
Assistant Professor at Mila. Working on deep learning for graphs with applications in knowledge graphs, Drug Discovery and material discovery.

Dan Roy
Scientist. Assoc Prof of Stats/CS @UofT; Founding Member @VectorInst; Canada CIFAR AI Chair. I study inference / computation to understand machine intelligence.

Francesco Locatello
Senior Applied Scientist at AWS AI. Former: PhD student at ETH Zürich/Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Research Consultant and Intern at Google.

Andrej Karpathy
Director of AI at Tesla. Previously a research scientist at OpenAI and CS PhD student at Stanford. I like to train deep neural nets on large datasets 🧠🤖💥

Sebastian Raschka
Author of the 'Python Machine Learning' book. Tweet about Python, deep learning research, open source. Asst Prof of Statistics @UWMadison. Opinions are my own.