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Asst Prof & Director of INK Lab @CSatUSC @USCViterbi / Team Leader @USC_ISI / @nlp_usc. Info Director @kdd_news, @ForbesUnder30. #NLProc, Human-centered ML, XAI


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Xiang Ren    @xiangrenNLP    11/23/2021      

We’re excited to have the #DeepLo workshop back for a 3rd edition, co-located at #NAACL2022. Awesome team and line-up of speakers. Looking to the great get-together.
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Xiang Ren    @xiangrenNLP    11/17/2021      

The ad comes a bit late but yes our department (@CSatUSC) is hiring tenure-track faculty, with a focus in AI/ML (+X), computer vision, robotics, security, SE/PL, etc. Ping me if you want to find out more about it! https://t.co/EaeBFLxZw4
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Xiang Ren    @xiangrenNLP    11/5/2021      

With the @emnlpmeeting hybrid conference starting soon, our @nlp_usc authors are excited about presenting and sharing on the accepted #EMNLP papers. Find us on chat or DM for a catch up!
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Xiang Ren    @xiangrenNLP    11/1/2021      

📢 Pls vote🗳️ for having the 2nd edition of Commonsense Reasoning workshop at *CL 2022 confs. We're excited about hearing what everyone is working on for CSR & gathering to envision the future 🤖. Not to mention the great co-organizers/speakers who put together this!👇
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Xiang Ren    @xiangrenNLP    9/28/2021      

"SalKG: Learning From Knowledge Graph Explanations for Commonsense Reasoning" by @aarzchan @ssanyal8 et al. shows how to use saliency-based explanations to determine whether and what parts of knowledge graphs are useful for the current reasoning context. https://t.co/R3UGwOkrHH
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