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Associate Professor of Machine Learning, University of Oxford @OATML_Oxford Group Leader


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Yarin    @yaringal    11/26/2021      

Join us for an @OATML_Oxford virtual open day! This is an effort organised by the students in the lab to show applicants what it's like working with us

Yarin    @yaringal    11/23/2021      

This studentship can cover international fees, and you get to join our friendly team :) We recognize that there is a stigma around PhD prerequisites, and often applicants are discouraged as they feel underqualified. If you're hesitant about qualifications, do reach out

Yarin    @yaringal    11/22/2021      

We have a fully funded PhD studentship to join @OATML_Oxford to work on systematic generalisation in ML, co-supervised between me and @egrefen. You'll get industry salary, spend 50% of your time at @UniofOxford and 50% at @facebookai (FAIR), with access to lots of compute etc ⬇️
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