Yann LeCun   @ylecun

Professor at NYU. Chief AI Scientist at Meta. Researcher in AI, Machine Learning, etc. ACM Turing Award Laureate.


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Yann LeCun    @ylecun    11/30/2021      

PyTorch Developer Day is upon us. Starting tomorrow at 10:00 EST.
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Yann LeCun    @ylecun    11/23/2021      

People who think evolution works through random mutations and selection need to explain how intelligent life appeared using nothing else. Clearly, any optimization process is more efficient if it uses some sort of gradient estimation.
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Yann LeCun    @ylecun    11/22/2021      

Yoshua and I talk about what we are most excited about in the quest for better machine intelligence.
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Yann LeCun    @ylecun    11/18/2021      

XLS-R: multilingual speech recognition system pre-trained with SSL on 128 languages. Smashing results. And it's open source.
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