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De Beers Group    @debeersgroup   ·   10/18/2021
Save the date: please join us for a global webinar on Tuesday, 26th October at 3:30pm BST for the launch of the 2021 Diamond Insight Report. To join on the day, follow this link: #debeers #sustainability #webinar
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Petra Diamonds    @Petra_Diamonds   ·   10/18/2021
The Cullinan Diamond Mine in partnership with the @MathsCentreIncorporatingSciences hosted local secondary school students to the annual MST competition, to develop a safety system, to either address a challenging issue in mining, or to design a traffic control system
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CHAMPAGNE GEM    @xCHAMPAGNEGEMx   ·   10/18/2021
#MyLoveAffairWithDiamonds w/ Astteria London fancy pink brown cushion-cut diamond ring with unique halo of multi-shaped diamonds! #YourDailyDoseOfSparkle #ChampagneGem
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Rapaport    @Rapaport   ·   10/18/2021
This 118.58-carat rough diamond sold for $5.2 million at a tender in Dubai.
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Gem Diamonds Limited    @GemDiamondsLtd   ·   10/18/2021
On the same day, the Company also recovered a high quality 102 carat Type II, white diamond.
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Edahn Golan    @edahn   ·   10/17/2021
The latest @debeersgroup Insight Report is coming out Tuesday, 26 October. The theme of the report is Sustainability: shaping the future of the diamond sector. The company plans a global webinar with a panel of experts to discuss the insights presented in the report.
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Sarine    @SarineTechLtd   ·   10/15/2021
[Friday Fact] In 1995, Sarine introduced the diamond industry with the world's #1 rough diamond planning software, DiaExpert™. Since then, diamond planning has evolved tremendously, mainly with the release of Galaxy® and Advisor®. Now it's time for #AI-driven Diamond Grading!
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The Diamond Loupe    @TheDiamondLoupe   ·   10/15/2021
Angola To Host International Diamond Conference Nov 25-27
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Paul Zimnisky, CFA    @paulzimnisky   ·   10/12/2021
My latest: “How the Largest Jewellery Companies in the World Are Marketing Lab-Grown Diamonds,” an exclusive for the @GJEPCIndia’s Solitaire Magazine:
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