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Car and Driver    @CARandDRIVER   ·   10/18/2021
A @Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo takes on Colorado's Ophir Pass:
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Toyota USA    @Toyota   ·   10/18/2021
Welcome to Toyota Alabama, the only place to produce the iFORCEMAX hybrid twin-turbo V6 & iFORCE twin-turbo V6 engine for the all-new #Tundra! At 142 yards long, this is the longest Toyota engine line in North America: #ManufacturingMonth #LetsGoPlaces
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Tesla Greater China    @teslacn   ·   10/18/2021
Sunlight☀️ wind🍃tides🌊and Tesla. All contribute to more renewable energy♻️ h
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Top Gear    @BBC_TopGear   ·   10/18/2021
Porsche 911 Carrera GTS review: still the sweet spot?
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Bugatti    @Bugatti   ·   10/18/2021
A convoy along a 500-mile route down through the deserts of the USA - taking the searing temperatures and altitudes in its stride. No #BUGATTI was ever signed-off without first being put through the most extreme testing programmes. #CENTODIECI #CHIRONPurSport #CHIRONSuperSport
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McLaren    @McLarenF1   ·   10/18/2021
"We’re looking forward to the continued return of fans trackside as the sport enters an exciting new era of even more intense competition under the new regulations." - @ZBrownCEO The team have some grands prix to fight for. Then, roll on 2022! 👊
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David Croft    @CroftyF1   ·   10/18/2021
It’s all 12 years today since @JensonButton became world champ and 12 months since Manuel Lanzini scored THAT goal!! (Apologies Spurs fans) but what a great day in history for sport this is. Happy Lanzini/JB World Champ Day everybody ⚒⚒⚒
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Euan McTurk    @106Euan   ·   10/17/2021
Any garage can service or MOT an electric vehicle, but it doesn't hurt to approach EV specialists when it comes to electrical repairs. Cleevely EV casually demonstrating why they're regarded as one of the best in their field. A true understanding of the vehicle and £000s saved.
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Jeep    @Jeep   ·   10/16/2021
8 long, rough and dusty days later, two Wrangler 4xes finished at the top of the @RebelleRally. Congrats to #TeamJeepThrills for their 2nd place finish and Team #4xEventure for bringing home the gold!
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Lexus    @Lexus   ·   10/15/2021
Never compromise on comfort in the all-new 2022 #LexusLX. Reimagined for adventure on any terrain—it’s luxury that knows no limits. Learn more:
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Ferrari    @Ferrari   ·   10/15/2021
We are ready to kick off the Ferrari Tribute to @TargaFlorioOff 2021 to ignite once again the passion in the hearts of motor enthusiasts. Join this unique event to celebrate the oldest endurance sports car race! #Ferrari #DrivingFerrari #Sicily #TargaFlorio
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Mercedes-Benz USAㅤ    @MercedesBenzUSA   ·   10/15/2021
626 Horsepower, 0-60 in 3.8 seconds. The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. #SLR #McLaren #mbugc
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Maserati    @Maserati_HQ   ·   10/15/2021
Make life an everlasting grand tour. Where would you go in your #MaseratiQuattroporte? #Maserati
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Nissan    @Nissan   ·   10/15/2021
Wherever the road takes you #NissanPatrol #Nissan 📸: otterslap
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Mercedes-AMG    @MercedesAMG   ·   10/15/2021
#MercedesAMG opens a new delivery hall in #Affalterbach! Under the motto "Unboxing your Star" German customers can receive their new vehicle directly in the new #AMG Customer Delivery Centre which allows even more customers to experience the vehicles and AMG brand up close.
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Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team    @MercedesAMGF1   ·   10/15/2021
Yes Kimi!!! 👏 What a weekend for our juniors at Mugello! 👊 Kimi Antonelli picked up two rookie podiums in only his second Italian F4 event, last weekend! ❤️
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Bentley Motors    @BentleyMotors   ·   10/15/2021
In the #Bentley #FlyingSpur, wherever you're headed, you're in for a treat. #WorldOfBentley Shot by TimFoster_LDN on Instagram
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Volvo Cars    @volvocars   ·   10/15/2021
Our #C40Recharge is facing its toughest test yet: a media test drive! Starting this week, journalists from around the globe will descend on the Belgian city of Ghent to try out our newest fully electric model. We are looking forward to what should be an exciting event!
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Lamborghini    @Lamborghini   ·   10/14/2021
And that’s a wrap! The event ‘Lamborghini Sustainability Days’ took place from October 5-8 focusing on green issues and the projects we implemented to create durable change. #Lamborghini CO2 Emission and Fuel consumption Combined:
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Jaguar    @Jaguar   ·   10/12/2021
Technology that keeps you moving forward. #Jaguar #XFSportbrake's Mild-Hybrid technology utilises regenerative breaking to maximise fuel efficiency: Discover more:
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