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Lawrence McDonald    @Convertbond   ·   10/18/2021
GOLDMAN SACHS TO SELL $9 BILLION IN BANK-BOND SALES SPREE - Bloomberg *GS in a rush to sell bonds, lock-in yield says a lot about where they think interest rates are moving. What do they know?
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Brad Freeman    @StockMarketNerd   ·   10/18/2021
Added to all 3 of my cannabis names today. $CRLBF $AYRWF $GTBIF. The stocks are broken but the companies are absolutely firing on all cylinders. So time for me to keep accumulating shares. 🙂
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Liz Ann Sonders    @LizAnnSonders   ·   10/18/2021
Sectors representing the Big 5 led market higher today, with declines concentrated in classic defensives like Utilities; Energy & Financials virtually flat on day but continue to outperform YTD, with wide lead over defensives as such, Russell 2000 Value still leads YTD
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Ophir Gottlieb    @OphirGottlieb   ·   10/18/2021
$BIGC Wall Street Analyst Expectations Several revisions upward from the sell side. via @cmlviz
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Sven Henrich    @NorthmanTrader   ·   10/18/2021
Knowing the impact Fed policy has on stock valuations with all of Wall Street waving the banner of "don't fight the Fed" for this very reason, the Fed is actually waging a war against the bottom 90% who are left behind to deal with the spillover effects of rising asset prices.
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Traderstewie    @traderstewie   ·   10/18/2021
Notice.... $NASDAQ making a bullish engulfing candle today.
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Dividend Hero🔆    @HeroDividend   ·   10/18/2021
The stock market is the greatest way to build wealth Agree? 👇🏻
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Michael Lebowitz, CFA    @michaellebowitz   ·   10/18/2021
Yield Curve is warning of slowdown dead ahead- Got Long Bonds?
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Eric Balchunas    @EricBalchunas   ·   10/18/2021
Also remember that ProShares is well known among the trading crowd. they literally have the biggest trading tool ETF to ever exist in $TQQQ, which is now $17b. Serving this audience is nothing new for this co.
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Stephen Stapczynski    @SStapczynski   ·   10/18/2021
Meanwhile... Europe did not ask Novatek to increase gas supplies, including under long-term contracts, according to CEO Mikhelson 80% of the company's spot goes to the Asia-Pacific region, he said
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Holger Zschaepitz    @Schuldensuehner   ·   10/18/2021
#Bitcoin wildly fluctuates as ProShares will launch its Bitcoin ETF linked to Bitcoin futures on Tue. Approval for ETF won’t be announced by SEC, but its final prospectus did not receive any opposition ahead of its effective deadline and the NYSE is readying for launch on Oct19.
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Lisa Abramowicz    @lisaabramowicz1   ·   10/18/2021
ProShares will launch a long-awaited ETF on the NYSE linked to Bitcoin futures, offering “convenient access to Bitcoin in a wrapper that has market integrity.”
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Michael Santoli    @michaelsantoli   ·   10/17/2021
Wall Street last week saw technical traction in a market that might have "used up" the inflation, supply-chain and slowdown themes as downside catalysts for now. Is the burden of proof back on the bears? Weekend @CNBCPro column.
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TrendSpider    @TrendSpider   ·   10/17/2021
Whale whale whale… do we have a special offer for you! 🐳 @TrendSpider is teaming with @unusual_whales to bring you the ULTIMATE options traders bundle. 1 year of access to both platforms for over 30% OFF Offer live now until 10/30/21 🔥 Learn More:
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The Long View 🌑    @HayekAndKeynes   ·   10/15/2021
What have you guys done to successfully shed your trading biases? (Ex. Bullish/bearish, momentum vs mean reversion, preference for particular assets, preference for directional vs RV, straight delta vs options)
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Eamon Javers    @EamonJavers   ·   10/15/2021
This is incredible stuff: "Judge Lewis, who owned Walmart stock, reported on a disclosure form five purchases of the shares in a six-day span while she presided in a suit against the company in August 2017."
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Thomas Lee    @fundstrat   ·   10/15/2021
2/ message from chart says current ratio of stock market cap to global GDP above what seen since 2004 - thought provoking - can’t verify accuracy - USA market cap $46T - rest of world really >$75 trillion? Latter point even more thought provoking. If so, overweight USA!
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Mohamed A. El-Erian    @elerianm   ·   10/15/2021
Here, The Wall Street Journal adopts a non-transitory tone in commenting on labor shortages. #economy #wages #inflation @wsj
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Johns Charts    @johnscharts   ·   10/13/2021
Nasdaq New High/New Low. Closed first green day in the last 2.5 weeks. Lets see if we can get continuation
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David Rosenberg    @EconguyRosie   ·   10/13/2021
Everyone is waiting for Treasury yields to ratchet up with the Fed being so obvious over its taper intentions -- but the reality is that bonds tend to rally when the Fed tapers!
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