Several fields exist which are way too challenging for the present state of the art, but at the same time are way too simple to be dependent on (presently unachievable) Artificial General Intelligence.

Conversational Commerce is an obvious example of such a field which is neither trivial nor impossible. It does not need Artificial General Intelligence.

This Universal Knowledge Graph is basically the same as a global Semantic Graph, with one important difference — its items should be in a vector form, ready to be incorporated on demand into the agents’ state vector.

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Patrick Collison    @patrickc   ·   10/18/2021
Tons of low-hanging fruit for us. Get rid of cookie laws. • Fix stock option taxation for employees. • More founder/employee visas. • Solve unnecessary investment hassles like the below. • Crypto clarity. • Reduce red tape that trips up new entrepreneurs and firms. 🇪🇺📈
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Beez SLS    @capital_sb   ·   10/18/2021
Focusing on being an investor for 10-15 years will lead to financial freedom. You won't have to work until 65 unless you want to.
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Matt Levine    @matt_levine   ·   10/18/2021
This newsletter has embraced the engrossing traits of social media -- though in its case, it’s not about hitting ‘Like’ or retweet, but instead buying and selling shares, options and cryptocurrencies.
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Benjamin Ling    @bling0   ·   10/18/2021
Some personal news: Excited to announce that Bling Capital has moved headquarters to Miami! We will still be pursuing the same investment areas and investing across the US. I’m excited to start this new chapter and to see you all in Miami! 🌴😎
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Y Combinator    @ycombinator   ·   10/18/2021
“The way people work is fundamentally changing, and it’s never going back.” says @Bouazizalex of @deel (YC W19) With customers like @coinbase and @Shopify, remote hiring startup Deel raises $425M at a $5.5B valuation:
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Mike Solana    @micsolana   ·   10/18/2021
annual reminder that our entire "strangers are feeding your kids poison and razor blades" halloween candy panic essentially results from a single, hysterical NYT op-ed in 1970 grounded in zero actual crime. your kids are safe. let them trick-or-treat.
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Paul Graham    @paulg   ·   10/18/2021
Founders often wonder whether they should raise money from investors. The answer to that one is surprisingly simple. You should raise money if and only if you (a) need money and (b) are currently appealing enough to get it.
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Harry Stebbings    @HarryStebbings   ·   10/17/2021
🚨 20VC Episode Tomorrow 🚨 Such a special one coming with @fidjissimo CEO @Instacart with so much wisdom: Here we are dropping knowledge on the value of sponsors over mentors… So many more amazing nuggets coming tomorrow. 🚀
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Matt Turck    @mattturck   ·   10/17/2021
1 month into 1 year into building a building a startup startup
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Balaji Srinivasan    @balajis   ·   10/17/2021
Components of the DAO stack - identity - tasking - wiki, docs - public-facing content - treasury management - codebase, bug tracker - send/receive payments - encrypted chat via private keys - smart contracts for crowdfunding - meetings, scheduling, attendance What else?
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Linda Xie    @ljxie   ·   10/16/2021
The best part of having the Ethereum documentary we're making fully funded by the community is not fundraising from production studios and losing creative control. No need to have the narrative focus on speculation, darknet markets, etc that a lot of media focuses on for crypto
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Naval    @naval   ·   10/16/2021
Web 3 Investing : Venture Investing :: Venture Investing : Public Market Investing
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seedcamp    @seedcamp   ·   10/15/2021
It’s been a wild year for us. We’re thrilled to take home the @GPBullhound #InvestorAllstars awards for Seed Fund of the Year & for the iconic duo @rsohoni & @cee to win Investor of the Year. A massive team effort and none of it possible without the amazing founders we back.
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KΞvin R◎se    @kevinrose   ·   10/14/2021
gm frens, my first NFT collab 😊: @kevinrose x @deslucrece 1/1 .1E reserve, 24H auction starting now - my 50% of the proceeds will go to funding an upcoming zen/meditation project that I'm helping out (more on that soon) 🙏
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Aaron Levie    @levie   ·   10/14/2021
The GitLab story shows the multiple paths to winning in software that 10 years ago few believed. You can build massive value around open source. Your biggest competitor can get acquired by a major player, and the market still grows massively. You can be 100% remote. And so on.
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Dan Morehead    @dan_pantera   ·   10/14/2021
#bitcoin is trading under its exponential trend value. In past bull markets, it has traded many multiples of trend value. Still looks undervalued to me. October investor letter:
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Ari Levy    @levynews   ·   10/13/2021
Joe Montana invested $100k in GitLab in 2015 At top of IPO range, that stake is now worth -$42 mln It’s his first IPO. We interviewed him:
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Bill Gates    @BillGates   ·   10/13/2021
I wrote about two ways to achieve vaccine equity in the future. If the world makes the right investments and decisions now, we can make things better next time. And maybe even make sure there is no next time at all.
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Lord Sugar    @Lord_Sugar   ·   10/13/2021
Normally, a new series of @bbcapprentice would be starting around now. However, due to pandemic delays it will air early next year. In the meantime, if you need a #TheApprentice 'fix', you can catch up on all episodes of the 2021 Australian version here
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Brian Caulfield    @BrianCVC   ·   10/12/2021
My by now traditional Budget 2022 Summary for Irish Startups ...and while you are at it, sign up for @ScaleIreland membership here so that we can continue to effectively represent the community ;-).
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