Alex Williams    @ItsNeuronal    9/23/2021      

Very excited to announce that I'll be moving this winter to start a new lab at NYU (@NYU_CNS) + Flatiron (@FlatironCCN)! We'll be working on new statistical methods for neural data, with a particular focus on state changes and long-term learning/drift in large neural populations
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Dan Roy    @roydanroy    11/29/2021      

I'm excited to announce that I moving to Twitter to take over the Engagement team. I'd like to thank all my collaborators for making this possible. My first step will be to introduce the Edit button.

olivierhenaff    @olivierhenaff    12/2/2021      

It's a great pleasure to announce that the art installation I've been working on will be exhibiting at the Florence Trust in London. If you're interested in neural representations, memory/reality, or an interactive audio-visual experience, come check it out!

Sebastian Starke    @blacksquirrel__    6/7/2021      

Super excited to share our #SIGGRAPH2021 work on character animation layering using neural networks! If you are an animator working in the games industry or interested in martial arts, this one might be for you! Project Page:
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Emanuele Rossi    @emaros96    11/23/2021      

Question for Graph Machine Learning Twitter: Has anybody looked into how the relative performance of Label Propagation (LP) and Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) changes when varying the percentage of labeled nodes? Which one suffers the most from having extremely few labels?

Siyu Tang    @SiyuTang3    12/6/2021      

Super excited to share MetaAvatar: Learning Animatable Clothed Human Models from Few Depth Images! We build human avatars from monocular depths or a single scan efficiently, using meta-learned generalizable and controllable neural SDFs. #NeurIPS2021 Code: