Jacob Yates    @jcbyts     10/7/2021
馃帄馃帀 so excited to announce that I'll be starting a lab at @UCBerkeley School of Optometry in July 2022! If you're interested in the intersection of: - machine learning - neuroscience - eye tracking - active vision I'd love to hear from you! I'll be recruiting soon!
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Mariya Toneva    @mtoneva1     10/7/2021
Extremely excited to announce that I鈥檒l be joining the MPI for Software Systems as tenure track faculty starting Sept 2022! So grateful to have the opportunity to start a group at the intersection of NLP, ML & neuroscience and to be part of the @maxplanckpress & @mpi_sws family!
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Adrien Gaidon    @adnothing     10/11/2021
Excited for @ICCV_2021 this week! Check out our papers (+code) and workshops here Feel free to reach out if you're interested in self-supervised learning, sim2real, monodepth, or computer vision in general! #ICCV2021
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Jonathan Raiman    @jonathanrraiman     9/24/2021
Very excited to announce our @NeurIPSConf workshop titled "Machine Learning for Systems" (5th iteration) and looking forward to your works (CFP due Oct 8 AOE) w/ wonderful co-organizers @BenoitSteiner @MimeeXu @martin_maas @annadgoldie Azade Nazi 1/2
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Walter Scheirer    @wjscheirer     9/22/2021
It was fun being on this panel today. If anyone is interested in learning more about the need for a better engineering process in the development of machine learning algorithms, check out this paper I wrote with @BlancheMinerva:
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Jacob Yates
Computational neuroscience. Vision science. machine learning. (not necessarily in that order)

Mariya Toneva
Postdoc at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute working on language + memory in 🧠 and 🖥️; PhD from ML dept at CMU @mldcmu

Adrien Gaidon
Senior Manager, ML Research, @ToyotaResearch. Beyond Supervised Learning for world-scale Autonomy: Self-Supervised Learning, Simulation, 3D Vision.

Sebastian Raschka
Author of the 'Python Machine Learning' book. Tweet about Python, deep learning research, open source. Asst Prof of Statistics @UWMadison. Opinions are my own.

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