Sebastian Riedel    @riedelcastro     10/12/2021
Thinking of throwing more parameters at your few-shot problem? Consider a-few-more-shots instead---with the added side benefit of learning more about your problem! Unless you working on "Open Tasks", but in which case I recommend non-parametric techniques!
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Yuandong Tian    @tydsh     9/17/2021
FAIR MPK Reinforcement Learning (RL) team has full-time research scientist opening. We study fundamental research problem in ML/RL-guided optimization and its real-world applications. Look for candidates in RL, optimization, and representation learning. POC:
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Aleksa Gordić    @gordic_aleksa     7/2/2021
[馃帴馃敟: video - "Multimodal Few-Shot Learning with Frozen Language Models" from @DeepMind ] YT: Few-shot learning powers of big LMs transferred to the multimodal setup (text + vision)! @jacobmenick @serkancabi @arkitus @OriolVinyalsML @FelixHill84
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OpenAI    @OpenAI     9/23/2021
We want our AI systems to be aligned with human intentions. This is especially important as tasks get more difficult to evaluate. To develop techniques to address this problem, we trained a model to summarize books.
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David Duvenaud    @DavidDuvenaud     9/27/2021
@xkcd covered another reason to dislike "epistemic uncertainty", which is that it sounds like an exotic philosophy problem, instead of plain old uncertainty about parameters.
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