Jack Clark    @jackclarkSF   ·   10/12/2021
Chinese company Inspur comes out with a 245B parameter language model. This follows other Chinese GPT3 equivalents, like Huawei's PanGu. Notable that one of the research contributions from Inspur is a system for massive internet data scraping and filtering.
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Language Log    @LanguageLog   ·   9/23/2021
Sino-French language lessons: Chinese signs from Quora.  Since they are rather lengthy and come with French explanations, I will depart from my usual Language Log treatment of providing Romanizations, transcriptions, and translations for the Chinese. …
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Hal Daumé III    @haldaume3   ·   10/11/2021
#nlproc folks: do you work on (any type of) natural language generation #NLG research/system? We'd be grateful if you participated in a 20-min survey to understand evaluation practices! Participants can enter a raffle for 1 of 10 $50 Amazon gift cards!
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Ethan Caballero    @ethancaballero   ·   10/6/2021
China has trained a 10 Trillion parameter language model. "M6-10T: Efficient Multi-Trillion Parameter Pretraining"
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Microsoft Research    @MSFTResearch   ·   10/13/2021
Large language models have come far thanks to deep learning and other methods. Learn how researchers are going beyond language to create tech for multimodal sensing and knowledge reasoning in AI at Microsoft Research Summit:
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