George J. Pappas    @pappasg69   ·   10/12/2021
Leaning for Dynamics and Control 2022 will take place @Stanford. More information can be found at @CSSIEEE @NeurIPSConf
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François Chollet    @fchollet   ·   9/11/2021
The best parts of the internet are about individual empowerment: discover, learn, connect, do, build. The worst parts are about control of the individual: time-wasting, algorithmic information diets in which consumer has no say and that controls their beliefs.
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Pierre-Yves Oudeyer    @pyoudeyer   ·   9/28/2021
People in #AI say a model is "causal" when the future is predicted only with information from the past. Yet, quite often causal information about a behaviour is only observed in the future, e.g. when the world is partially observable, such as in behaviour involving humans.
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Russ Salakhutdinov    @rsalakhu   ·   10/7/2021
New work on the Information Geometry of Unsupervised Reinforcement Learning -- analyzing unsupervised skill discovery algorithms based on mutual information maximization: Paper:
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Allyson Ettinger    @AllysonEttinger   ·   10/12/2021
Delayed tweet, I know, but I'm excited to share @LalchandPandia's EMNLP paper! We test information processing in pre-trained LMs by providing meaning information relevant for prediction, and pitting it against irrelevant attractors in context. 1/3
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Tim Rocktäschel
Dad, Husband, Scientist @FacebookAI Research (FAIR), Associate Professor @AI_UCL leading @UCL_DARK, @ELLISforEurope Scholar. Works on RL and open-endedness.

Yann LeCun
Professor at NYU. Chief AI Scientist at Facebook. Researcher in AI, Machine Learning, etc. ACM Turing Award Laureate.

Stanford NLP Group
Computational Linguistics—Natural Language—Machine Learning—Deep Learning @chrmanning—@jurafsky—@percyliang—@ChrisGPotts—@tatsu_hashimoto at @StanfordAILab

Glen Berseth
Assistant Professor at @UMontrealDIRO and @Mila_Quebec. Working on training robots to be generally useful. Sharing about day2day prof life. he/him/il

Dominique Beaini
Machine learning research scientist at @valence_ai in @MilaMontreal, interested in graph neural networks, chemical-physics, robotics, biology and philosophy