Jürgen Schmidhuber    @SchmidhuberAI     10/13/2021
Kunihiko Fukushima was awarded the 2021 Bower Award for his enormous contributions to deep learning, particularly his highly influential convolutional neural network architecture. My laudation of Kunihiko at the 2021 award ceremony is on YouTube:
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Guodong Zhang    @Guodzh     10/1/2021
Perhaps, I may make an even stronger argument that there is no evidence that GD (not just SGD) plays an irreplaceable role in neural network learning. Here you are: "(Stochastic) Gradient Descent is not Necessary for Deep Learning" 馃榾
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Nando de Freitas    @NandoDF     10/16/2021
A thread on the history of convolutional neural nets, neocognitrons, and back-propagation. Both Fukushima and @ylecun played important roles that will be forever recognised. They鈥檙e also the nicest, humblest star researchers I鈥檝e had the privilege of meeting.
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Dmytro Mishkin    @ducha_aiki     10/13/2021
Is there any REAL deep learning library (pytorch/tf-like) for BINARY neural networks, which really delivers those enormous speed-ups promised in papers? Inference-only is OK. P.S. I have asked this some time ago, but with no success. Let's try again.
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TTchumatchenko    @TTchumatchenko     9/26/2021
Hiring! My group is looking for a postdoc to study protein dynamics and spatio-temporal synaptic plasticity in spiking networks. This is a cool interdisciplinary project involving machine learning applications for molecular image analysis and neural network dynamics.
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