Naveen Rao    @NaveenGRao     10/13/2021
10 months ago I tweeted that we were getting a new project off the ground鈥oday I鈥檓 proud to announce with @hanlintang @jefrankle and @mcarbin that MosaicML comes out of stealth! We are focused on the compute efficiency of neural network training using algorithmic methods.馃憞
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Naveen Rao    @NaveenGRao     7 hours
Curious about our process for vetting methods for compute efficient training @MosaicML? Read our detailed methodology blog by our research team. Our motivation is to establish an efficiency ground-truth!
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Alex Williams    @ItsNeuronal     9/23/2021
Very excited to announce that I'll be moving this winter to start a new lab at NYU (@NYU_CNS) + Flatiron (@FlatironCCN)! We'll be working on new statistical methods for neural data, with a particular focus on state changes and long-term learning/drift in large neural populations
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Yann LeCun    @ylecun     10/15/2021
He told me that our 1989 Neural Comp paper on ConvNets shocked him because he was working on training the Neocognitron with backprop. He abandonned the project after our paper. Fukushima's work influenced me. But multilayer training (through backprop) is a pretty big deal.
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Naveen Rao    @NaveenGRao     10/8/2021
In the context of neural network training, we can usually find ways to split computation over a desired number of devices. So, we don鈥檛 need to think monolithically and jam everything in one mega processor.
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Sylvain Gugger    @GuggerSylvain     9/27/2021
Tired: Looking at the training loss curve while the model is training. Wired: Testing the model on any data you want while it's still training, thanks to the inference widgets on and see it getting better!
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Associate Professor at UC Berkeley

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Senior Applied Scientist at AWS AI. Former: PhD student at ETH Zürich/Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Research Consultant and Intern at Google.

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