Facebook AI    @facebookai   ·   10/13/2021
Ever wondered if you already added an ingredient when cooking a meal? Or what to attach next when assembling a dresser? Facebook AI has built Anticipative Video Transformer, a model that can understand sequences of events & suggest the next step. Details:
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Nicolas Papernot    @NicolasPapernot   ·   6/14/2021
Have you ever wondered whether it's possible to steal a machine learning model *without any* data? The answer is yes! @jbtruong and @pratyushmaini show how to do so in their CVPR paper on data-free model extraction. See the thread below for details on the work
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Hugging Face    @huggingface   ·   10/14/2021
This week, your first AutoNLP project is FREE 🤑 Fine-tune most transformer models on your own task or domain within minutes No code needed, and models are ready-to-serve out of the box! 🚀 5000+ models have been trained with AutoNLP already!
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David Duvenaud    @DavidDuvenaud   ·   9/28/2021
Thanks for engaging! That makes sense. But I don't in general understand how you decide which parameters are part of p(f) and which are part of p(u). Like you could also have a global u_f, e.g. the topics in a topic model. I understand if you want to want to stop though.
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Google AI    @GoogleAI   ·   8/4/2021
Natural speech often has disruptions and complexities that are difficult for #NLP models to understand. Today we introduce two benchmark datasets that challenge models on temporal reasoning (TimeDial) and contextual disfluencies (Disfl-QA). Details below:
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