Arun Mallya    @arunmallya   ·   10/13/2021
Code for #GANcraft (ICCV'21) has been released at, with pretrained models & training instructions. You can even import your own worlds and make them real! This also includes updates to the #Imaginaire repo to make it faster, better, and more awesome!
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Jack Clark    @jackclarkSF   ·   10/12/2021
Here's the Inspur paper: Writing up for this week's Import AI. Very notable that all the GPT3 replications have come from industry. Academia nowhere in sight (except in China, where BAAI has been training vast models like Wu Dao).
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Sylvain Gugger    @GuggerSylvain   ·   9/27/2021
Tired: Looking at the training loss curve while the model is training. Wired: Testing the model on any data you want while it's still training, thanks to the inference widgets on and see it getting better!
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Max Jaderberg    @maxjaderberg   ·   9/29/2021
We released a new paper improving Population Based Training (PBT): Faster Improvement Rate (FIRE) PBT PBT allows automated adaptation of hyperparameters within the time of a single experiment run (the image shows learning rate on ResNet-50 ImageNet) [1/n]
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Antonio Grasso    @antgrasso   ·   10/6/2021
An experienced training data partner can help bring your AI models to production faster; see how @SamaAI ’s MicroModel™ technology gives companies like Google and NVIDIA a competitive edge. Learn more > via @antgrasso #SamaPartner #AI #DataQuality
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Tal Linzen    @tallinzen   ·   10/5/2021
Is it fair to say that the category of "these large pretrained models" doesn't include word2vec? If so, is it because word2vec is not large, or because it is not pretrained?
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