Sergey Levine    @svlevine     10/13/2021
Implicit Q-learning, or "I can't believe it's not SARSA": state-of-the-art offline RL results, fast and easy to implement; almost SARSA, but with a different loss to provide "implicit policy improvement": w/ @ikostrikov, @ashvinair 馃У->
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Vincent Sitzmann    @vincesitzmann     10/17/2021
Great opening remarks by Sanja Fidler (@FidlerSanja): 3D learning has recently seen a renaissance, partly enabled by neural implicit representations and exploring their properties. Different applications -> different requirements. That's what we'll look at in this workshop!
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Sewon Min    @sewon__min     10/7/2021
In an hour (starting 8:25am PT), we have the 2nd Workshop on Unstructured/Structured KBs at #AKBC2021. Interested in different forms of knowledge from structured/unstructured to purely implicit, parametrized? Come to our workshop! talks/schedule:
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Jian Tang    @tangjianpku     6/15/2021
Our recent work on graph neural networks. We propose a flexible, scalable, explainable graph neural network framework for link prediction, which works in both transductive and inductive settings. State-of-the-art results on both homogenous graphs and knowledge graphs.
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Jian Tang    @tangjianpku     10/6/2021
4) Deac et al. Neural Algorithmic Reasoners are Implicit Planners. Using GNNs for implicit planning and algorithmically aligning to Value Iteration.
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