Antonio Grasso    @antgrasso   ·   10/13/2021
Innovation is an iterative process made up of multiple connected and interdependent elements. A tip from @kearney - think big and start small. Microblog & social design by @LindaGrass0 @antgrasso #Innovation
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Antonio Grasso    @antgrasso   ·   10/7/2021
Defining the Everyone To Everyone economy; The E2E economy will be orchestrated, symbiotic, contextual, and cognitive. Microblog & social design by @antgrasso #E2E #EveryoneToEveryone #DigitalTransformation #Innovation
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Antonio Grasso    @antgrasso   ·   10/2/2021
Integration, collaboration, and digital adoption. At what level of maturity should we aim for our supply chain? Here is a matrix that displays various levels of digital maturity. Microblog & social design by @LindaGrass0 @antgrasso #SupplyChain #DigitalTransformation
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Antonio Grasso    @antgrasso   ·   10/15/2021
Awareness of the possible applications of AI helps to frame its adoption. Here are 13 different applications for Artificial Intelligence in business. Microblog & social design by @antgrasso #AI #DigitalTransformation
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Antonio Grasso    @antgrasso   ·   9/27/2021
The real challenge is to discover a general artificial intelligence, a single system capable of learning and solving any problem that arises. This is what human beings do: self-adaptation, flexibility, and creativity. Microblog & social design by @antgrasso #AI #Automation
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