TensorFlow    @TensorFlow   ·   10/13/2021
From MobileBERT to Next-Generation Pose Detection, check out the new models that were released on TensorFlow Hub! Read more
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TensorFlow    @TensorFlow   ·   6/16/2021
🔎 Object detection on mobile has improved with recent TensorFlow Lite updates. Check out how to train and deploy custom models in just a few lines of code using Model Maker and Task Library! Read the blog
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TensorFlow    @TensorFlow   ·   9/22/2021
If you’re having trouble finding YOLO models on TensorFlow Hub or Model Garden, we’ve got you covered! Find the beta models for both YOLOv3 and YOLOv4
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Alex Nichol    @unixpickle   ·   7/20/2021
Now anybody can tinker with and explore the current SOTA generative image models! We have released model weights for our paper "Diffusion Models Beat GANs on Image Synthesis":
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Josh Gordon    @random_forests   ·   10/15/2021
XGBoost is impressive. And sklearn has wonderful support for trees. You may be surprised to learn that here over at TensorFlow, we like trees too :) We recently released, if you’re in the TF ecosystem, check it out!
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