Weights & Biases    @weights_biases    11/19/2021      

Get ready for a weekend of Chai Time Kaggle Talks 😎 🍵 Your host @bhutanisanyam1 will interview Kaggle Masters from the leaderboard of the Ventilator Pressure Prediction @kaggle Competition: Sahil & Nikhil 👉 https://t.co/9k2YhQJu6t @Gillesvdwiele 👉 https://t.co/phWkdfxnB0
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Martin Görner    @martin_gorner    11/22/2021      

A new Kaggle competition to detect invasive "crown of thorns" starfish, and help protect the great barrier reef: https://t.co/3wHgs7gjWJ
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PyTorch Lightning    @PyTorchLightnin    12/6/2021      

📚 @JirkaBorovec's simple guide on facilitating your @Kaggle submission for competitions with restricted internet access using Kaggle kernel as an intermediate step as data storage. 🏆 Kaggle Guide: https://t.co/3F93Xlzeu8
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AK    @ak92501    12/1/2021      

MultiPath++: Efficient Information Fusion and Trajectory Aggregation for Behavior Prediction abs: https://t.co/rozuYsDMCU model achieves sota performance on the Argoverse Motion Forecasting Competition and the Waymo Open Dataset Motion Prediction Challenge
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TensorFlow    @TensorFlow    11/22/2021      

Help Protect the Great Barrier Reef! Announcing a new competition with @Kaggle and TensorFlow to help protect coral reefs, with prizes for accuracy and performance. Learn more https://t.co/EF3Lb2Cb94
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