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Witlingo is proud to be a sponsor of #VOICE 2021. If you have not registered yet, please do take the time register now! Please use this special coupon to get 20% off: WITLINGO20. #VOICE21 #VoiceFirst #ConversationalAI https://t.co/HpPVmTROCm
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Justin Solomon    @JustinMSolomon    12/3/2021      

Shameless promotion: We're still working hard to raise funding for SGI 2022. Please reach out if your company/organization might be interested in joining us as a sponsor!
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Kore.ai    @koredotai    11/24/2021      

What experiences do consumers really want today and how does #ConversationalAI play a role? Join https://t.co/EIsJyyUwAA CEO Raj Koneru and a panel of experts to learn why your contact center may need an AI-driven upgrade! Register today: https://t.co/7sMfxdXDFy

Kore.ai    @koredotai    11/22/2021      

Join us on 12/2 at 11am PT for the first episode of our upcoming webinar series on the power of #ConversationalAI technology. Learn what experiences consumers really want, and how #AI plays a role. Register here: https://t.co/7sMfxdXDFy #ExperienceOptimization #XO