Giacomo Indiveri    @giacomoi    11/20/2021      

The latest paper of the @nawrot_group elegantly shows how to use mixed-signal #neuromorphic processors to validate principles of neural computation in the fruit fly larva: @IOPneuromorphic
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Jürgen Schmidhuber    @SchmidhuberAI    12/6/2021      

25th anniversary of the LSTM at #NeurIPS2021. reVIeWeR 2 - who rejected it from NeurIPS1995 - was thankfully MIA. The subsequent journal publication in Neural Computation has become the most cited neural network paper of the 20th century:
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Hidenori Tanaka    @Hidenori8Tanaka    12/6/2021      

Overall, understanding not only when symmetries exist, but how they are broken is essential to discover geometric design principles in neural networks. For more details see “Noether’s Learning Dynamics: Role of Symmetry Breaking in Neural Networks": 10/

Cristian Bodnar    @crisbodnar    9/6/2021      

We are giving a presentation tomorrow about our latest work on CW Networks at the GraphML reading group organised by @HannesStaerk. Join us if you want to hear more about how #topology and cell complexes can address many of the limitations of graph neural networks.
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Christian Steinmetz    @csteinmetz1    7 hours      

We can already emulate existing audio effects, but how can we create NEW and controllable effects with neural networks? We propose a simple method in our latest work to appear at the NeurIPS @ML4CDworkshop. Let's go over some of the details in this thread 🧵
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