Zachary Lipton    @zacharylipton    11/21/2021      

Writing some background text to motivate a problem, just realized that the "recent" leaps forward in deep learning are now over the past DECADE.




Alan Mackworth    @AlanMackworth    11/23/2021      

The #AI alignment problem is posed as the misalignment of a system’s values with human values. But the real alignment problem now is the opposite: current machine learning systems are often too well aligned with (certain) human values, leading to bias and inequity.
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Lingfei Wu    @lingfei_wu    11/27/2021      

Look forward to seeing you at Phoenix #wsdm Please submit your papers to our Machine Learning On Graphs Workshop! #GNN #GNNUpdates #DataScience

James Briggs    @jamescalam    11/24/2021      

No data? No problem... Learning how to fine-tune sentence transformers with nothing more than unstructured text! 👀 Honestly blown away with how cool this is, credit to @Nils_Reimers and co #NLProc #100DaysOfMLCode
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Jerry Li    @jerryzli    11/12/2021      

Hi! So I was coerced into writing this thread---er I mean let me tell you a little bit about quantum learning and testing, and about some of the papers @sitanch, Jordan Cotler, @RobertHuangHY and I just posted on arxiv: 1/
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