Richard Socher    @RichardSocher    11/22/2021      

We'll find out with We commit to no ad targeting but may have privacy-preserving, query-dependent ads (similar to ddg) unless we can avoid those also (we'll try).
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Matt Fontaine    @tehqin17    11/24/2021      

@TapoBhat gave an exciting talk at USC today on robotic assistive care. It's exciting to see HRI research targeting people's day-to-day lives. All the challenges are technically interesting and difficult, yet have direct human impact. My field excites me so much. :)

Weidi Xie    @WeidiXie    11/25/2021      

Use motion to train segmentation model, again, use common fate principle, similar to the motion grouping paper. Simple simulation in flow field turns out generalising extremely well.

Kyunghyun Cho    @kchonyc    11/27/2021      

this reminds me that it was one of the reasons why @uralik1, @wellecks and i looked at the modes not prob's in, although i now see that this has a similar issue (what's the prob assigned to top-k config's?)

Maithra Raghu    @maithra_raghu    8/20/2021      

We also perform a preliminary representational analysis on the recently proposed MLP-mixer, finding its structure to be more similar to ViT. For future exploration!