UNC NLP    @uncnlp    11/22/2021      

Check out our @uncnlp group for your PhD applications! We have no GRE requirements + continue our application-fee waivers! Please RT+apply (we have postdoc openings too) & ping us for any questions!🙂 We strongly encourage diversity. Direct FAQ page link: https://t.co/HCCpXY6UUN
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Rosanne Liu    @savvyRL    12/4/2021      

We will be in this gather town to help look at grad school applications in two hours! Come to get or offer some help, ask or answer questions, and meet some folks! https://t.co/4BQm7hAKDF

Brenden Lake    @LakeBrenden    9/29/2021      

NYU invites applications for Assistant Professor position, joint with Psychology Dept. and Center for Data Science (my two favorite units on campus!). Position is part of new Mind, Brains, and Machines cluster. Applications due Dec. 1st. Please RT! https://t.co/PMZxBYUO1S
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Mohit Bansal    @mohitban47    11/28/2021      

🚨 We are hiring assistant+associate level faculty for the @unccs family, including areas broadly in DS/ML/AI+x. Please feel free to apply & reach out for any questions 🙏

Vaishnavh Nagarajan    @_vaishnavh    12/5/2021      

I've always felt uncomfortable seeing criteria like "(highly) motivated/passionate", "(exceptionally) talented" and "strong" [background in X] appear in calls for PhD/postdoc applications. (1/)