Sebastian Dziadzio    @sebadzia    11/22/2021      

Avada kedavra: bland, uninspired, probably a band name. Bodajbyś kurwa sczezł: intriguing, threatening, unpronounceable for anyone except advanced mages.
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Hal Daumé III    @haldaume3    11/29/2021      

does anyone know if there’s a place to find old *ACL calls for papers? like from the 80s or earlier? and if not centralized, if anyone has pointers to pre-2000 CFPs i’d be grateful!
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Julien Chaumond    @julien_c    11/15/2021      

Anyone knows what a Feature store is (in the context of ML) and can ELI5 it to me?
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MMitchell    @mmitchell_ai    12/6/2021      

So.......can anyone here help me to meet Paul McCartney? It's been on my bucket list since I was 10.
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Guillaume Bouchard    @gbouchar    12/2/2021      

I was waiting for this for soooo long! A doodle integrated with Calendly. I'll probably save 30 minutes per week.