Hanna Wallach    @hannawallach    11/22/2021      

🚨📢 Super exciting news!!!! 🎉🎊 I'm hiring applied scientists to join my team to kickstart a new initiative on the fairness of large-scale language technologies!!!! For more info or to apply, see: https://t.co/Y2eTvYOyYO https://t.co/ru6HgXbwlz https://t.co/XHOVkP5B5z
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JHU CLSP    @jhuclsp    11/16/2021      

We are hiring! @JHUCompSci is looking for TT faculty in natural language processing (including machine reasoning and grounded language), machine learning, AI and HCI. Join us! https://t.co/E0WRIFCMxw
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Oxford Robotics Institute    @oxfordrobots    11/29/2021      

9 Days till blast off!🚀 Dr Larry Matthies @nasajpl will be joining us on our 3rd seminar. He will touch on exciting milestones in planetary exploration, highlights of new technologies and challenges for our future planetary mobility systems. Register at https://t.co/2jxappYEfA

Jakub Zavrel    @jakubzavrel    11/24/2021      

What do you think of this development for regulation of the AI for recruitment world? A proposed NYC bill would require independent fairness audit for AI based hiring tools. https://t.co/C7cdSUd65O
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Vincent Spruyt    @vincent_spruyt    11/23/2021      

If you speak Python, love Huggingface and SpaCy, and dig the idea of a corporate startup that applies the latest of NLP to a super exciting industry: @jorenvs is building a little dream team at @RepriseDigital and is hiring an NLP engineer! #Job https://t.co/tSFjo0bA0a
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