Yarin    @yaringal    11/22/2021      

We have a fully funded PhD studentship to join @OATML_Oxford to work on systematic generalisation in ML, co-supervised between me and @egrefen. You'll get industry salary, spend 50% of your time at @UniofOxford and 50% at @facebookai (FAIR), with access to lots of compute etc ⬇️
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Jakob Foerster    @j_foerst    11/23/2021      

Are you looking for the "best of both worlds" between academia and industry for your PhD? If so, this is your chance! We have *one fully funded position*, 50% FAIR (w/ @egrefen) and 50% with me at @oxengsci to work on generalisation. Application deadline is coming up in 1 week!
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Thomas Wolf    @Thom_Wolf    11/18/2021      

The public supercomputer used by @BigscienceW is doubling its size🤩 BigScience helped a lot to make this a reality and I’m very excited about this outcome. Public compute clusters are critical to reduce the divide between industry & academic AI research https://t.co/ia8Xmz8bAD
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Michael Bronstein    @mmbronstein    11/30/2021      

Collaboration between @TwitterEng #Cortex and @UniofOxford Jake Topping Francesco Di Giovanni @b_p_chamberlain Xiaowen Dong Details in the paper: https://t.co/FPOQU0xTlB

Alfredo Canziani    @alfcnz    11/30/2021      

😍😍😍 And we all can have access to it by heading to what link? 😬😬😬
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