Matei Zaharia    @matei_zaharia    11/22/2021      

Join NASDAQ and Databricks for this event about data in investing on Dec 6, including how open protocols like Delta Sharing can simplify data exchange.
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Matei Zaharia    @matei_zaharia    13 hours      

We just launched the new databricks-dbt connector for @getdbt! It automatically uses the best features of the Databricks platform, including Delta Lake ACID transactions and MERGE, and the Photon engine for high performance. Also usable through dbt Cloud.
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Samuel Kaski    @samikaski    11/23/2021      

This is all fields of CS, including Machine Learning and AI. Recommended!

Joel Simon (in nyc)    @_joelsimon    12/3/2021      

@hardmaru sharing my generative floor plans project years ago changed my life.

Meta AI    @MetaAI    19 hours      

At #NeurIPS2021 we’re sharing results of the Image Similarity Challenge, an open research competition to create better systems to identify manipulated images. We’re also sharing a unique million-image data set created by Meta AI.
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