clem 🤗    @ClementDelangue    11/22/2021      

Awesome to see @SashaMTL @huggingface being mentioned on @CNN
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Omar Sanseviero    @osanseviero    11/26/2021      

So nice to finally meet part of the @huggingface team 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
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Omar Sanseviero    @osanseviero    11/26/2021      

Join us next week to learn about DietNeRF, JAX and Flax, @huggingface Spaces, and more.
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Justin Johnson    @jcjohnss    11/23/2021      

Check out our @huggingface Spaces demo to see what a captioning model trained on RedCaps can do:
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TheSequence    @TheSequenceAI    11/30/2021      

Congratulations, @huggingface! Could you tell us more about your preparation/the process?