Animesh Garg    @animesh_garg    11/22/2021      

If you are interested in his work or this line of work -- Imitation learning in Robotics with Real data at Scale! -- check out the following links. @StanfordHAI @StanfordSVL @StanfordAILab
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Animesh Garg    @animesh_garg    11/22/2021      

One core contribution of his Ph.D. is building a crowdsourcing platform for robot learning @StanfordSVL -- Roboturk:
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Danfei Xu    @danfei_xu    11/30/2021      

A bit more formally: I'm hiring Ph.D. students in Robot Learning this year! If you are excited about the future of data-driven approaches to robotics, apply through the School of Interactive Computing at @gtcomputing by Dec 15th.
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Stanford HAI    @StanfordHAI    11/23/2021      

Interested in machine learning, statistics, and public policy? Apply now for Stanford RegLab's postdoctoral fellowship, which involves a high-impact collaboration with the IRS to build a more effective and equitable tax system. Applications close Nov 28:
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🚀Join #BCAI and help us boosting Bosch with AI! As a Senior Research Scientist Machine Learning for Robotics & Manipulation (f/m/div.) you work in the intersection of research and engineering to bring cutting-edge AI technology into robotic products.➡️
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