David Mimno    @dmimno    11/23/2021      

I only recently discovered that “Gilded Age” was meant as a joke, in the sense of “not golden, just gilded” kind of like the “Gold Spray Paint Age”. Am I just obtuse or are others used to thinking of Gilded as unironically positive?
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Jimmy Lin    @lintool    11/26/2021      

Sign of the times: I was doing some record keeping and discovered that the MRL workshop at #emnlp2021 had an acceptance rate of 19/50 = 38% https://t.co/I75Q67AQYK - this is roughly the acceptance rate of Findings.
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François Chollet    @fchollet    11/25/2021      

On this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for all the people in my life who bring to it meaning and positive vibes -- my family, friends, awesome teammates, and the Keras community
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Partnership on AI    @PartnershipAI    11/26/2021      

In 2017, a Google security researcher discovered two of the biggest bugs to ever afflict computer chips. As the AI field explores responsible publication norms, what lessons can the AI community take away from this crisis? Find out in our blog. https://t.co/HMTU3GVBXp
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Reiichiro Nakano    @reiinakano    11/30/2021      

My OpenAI fellowship has changed my life in so many positive ways! I encourage anyone interested to apply. It's a great way to get into ML, especially for folks from non-traditional backgrounds!
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