Brandon Rohrer    @_brohrer_    11/23/2021      

If you've always wondered how Transformers work but know nothing about machine learning, I wrote this peek behind the curtain for you. (Actually I wrote it for me, but you might find it useful.) Here's the beta release.
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James Briggs    @jamescalam    11/24/2021      

No data? No problem... Learning how to fine-tune sentence transformers with nothing more than unstructured text! 👀 Honestly blown away with how cool this is, credit to @Nils_Reimers and co #NLProc #100DaysOfMLCode
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Jigsaw    @Jigsaw    11/24/2021      

Today, we release Sentence Templates, a new dataset for Perspective API, that allows researchers and developers of other machine learning models to test for biases that may be undermining their own work. Read more about our work on Medium.

Andrew Beam    @AndrewLBeam    6 hours      

Come join a great event at the intersection of machine learning and healthcare!
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Samuel Kaski    @samikaski    11/23/2021      

This is all fields of CS, including Machine Learning and AI. Recommended!