Justin Johnson    @jcjohnss    11/23/2021      

If we prompt the model to generate captions in the style of the /r/cakewin subreddit, then 2/5 captions know it's Elmo and another 2/5 recognize it as a cake for kids!


Justin Johnson    @jcjohnss    11/23/2021      

But a model trained on RedCaps has no problem recognizing the last one as a cake -- 5/5 captions recognize it as a cake, and one nails it as an "elmo cake"!

Karan Desai (KD)    @kdexd    11/25/2021      

Playing with https://t.co/ftUciwCmRO predicting captions for images of landmarks by prompting "r/absoluteunits" (a subreddit with photos of large objects, often pets and fruits/veggies https://t.co/D6uR0Ty6oF)

Karan Desai (KD)    @kdexd    11/23/2021      

📢New dataset!📢 RedCaps: 12M image-text pairs from Reddit for vision and vision-and-language applications. Website: https://t.co/u6XC75uFzl Paper: https://t.co/PuLDeLZApU Check out captions from a RedCaps-trained model!⬇️ Try more here: https://t.co/ftUciwTXJm What's new?🧵1/8
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Bryan Pellegrino    @PrimordialAA    11/30/2021      

Want to cast votes from @arbitrum or @0xPolygon without needing to swap or move all of your assets to another chain where governance lives? done want to collateralize on one chain and borrow on another? done
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