Elizabeth Yang    @leezabuh    11/23/2021      

Really excited to share this joint work with Siqi Liu, Sidhanth Mohanty (@sidzekrom), and Tselil Schramm! Sebastian Bubeck does a fantastic job explaining the problem setting and the prior line of work in the thread below. Our result employs some exciting techniques ... 1/2
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Siva Reddy    @sivareddyg    11/24/2021      

Really excited that @DBahdanau has joined @McGillU as an adjunct prof, a great strength to our NLP group. Through collaborations with my students, I know how much he cares about the growth of junior people working with him. He will be a fantastic supervisor, please apply #NLProc

Yarin    @yaringal    3 hours      

This is a really exciting lineup of speakers! looking forward to it!
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Jonathan Pillow    @jpillowtime    12/2/2021      

Great thread on what "DF / F" means (and where it comes from).
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Michael Bowling    @MichaelHBowling    2 hours      

Really excited that this work is finally coming out: seeing search, learning, and game theory really demonstrate its generality. So glad that I get to work with this great team @DeepMind.
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