Julien Chaumond    @julien_c    11/23/2021      

Getting a visa to France should be as easy as possible for very talented scientists and engineers from everywhere in the 🌍 I'm super thankful to the teams at the 🇫🇷 Ministry for Foreign affairs (in particular from the cabinets of @franckriester,@cedric_o) for helping us on this
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Thomas Wolf    @Thom_Wolf    12/1/2021      

When we’ll have self-driving cars everywhere, will I still make these small signs with my hands to discuss who should be going first? Probably the most friendly and empathetic part of driving, cycling, walking. I’d miss it.

Hal Daumé III    @haldaume3    17 hours      

To make the implicit explicit: I strongly believe we should ask students (and all researchers) to optimize quality over quantity. But we can't honestly do that at the same time our orgs tweet "we have 1000 NeurIPS papers." Let's normalize not caring about counts *EVERYWHERE*.
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Khari Johnson    @kharijohnson    12/4/2021      

thx for sharing @timnitGebru We're just getting started but writers and supporters can visit https://t.co/GIFRPl5NIr to sign up or follow @blacktechwriter for updates; we should have more to share soon about our plans for the future
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Aran Komatsuzaki    @arankomatsuzaki    11/25/2021      

On a related note, (phenomenal) EfficientZero paper took 5 months until release like many other NeurIPS submissions, which was a loss. We should discuss, as a community, ways to make it possible or incentivize to rapidly share paper/code/dataset/model from academia and industry.