Yann LeCun    @ylecun    11/23/2021      

People who think evolution works through random mutations and selection need to explain how intelligent life appeared using nothing else. Clearly, any optimization process is more efficient if it uses some sort of gradient estimation.
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Justin Johnson    @jcjohnss    11/25/2021      

We intentionally avoid data with people due to privacy concerns both through subreddit selection and filtering with face detectors so images with people don’t give great results; it usually ignores people entirely (as in your examples!)

William Fedus    @LiamFedus    10/8/2021      

Great step forward for memory efficient optimization! Excited to try 8-bit optimization in my own research. Nice job, @Tim_Dettmers and all
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AK    @ak92501    11/24/2021      

Efficient Video Transformers with Spatial-Temporal Token Selection abs: https://t.co/xVW722l9Ng

Cushion    @cushion_ai    12/4/2021      

Isn’t it so crazy to that two people met, they fell in love, they had me… and now I have all these bills to pay for the rest of my life