Sara Hooker    @sarahookr    11/23/2021      

Wow! The Hardware Lottery is the December cover of @CACMmag. This is really special, grateful this work has resonated with so many. Thanks to all, including @vardi who nudged me to submit and fantastic editorial team at @CACMmag for cover art. 📜
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Rosanne Liu    @savvyRL    11/23/2021      

Combined with @sarahookr’s hardware lottery paper on the December cover of CACM, today is “I’M FREAKING PROUD OF MY GIRLFRIENDS” day!!!

Dani S. Bassett    @DaniSBassett    12/3/2021      

Thanks so much to the organizers of IEEE Women in Engineering Leadership Summit for inviting me speak today. And thanks to audience members for the fantastic engagement. The future is bright!

Andrew Drozdov    @mrdrozdov    12/6/2021      

A really fantastic and well done work. There is a lot to take away — I'm hoping to see more reviewers say: Why didn't you evaluate on a more diverse selection of datasets?
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DJ Strouse    @djstrouse    2 hours      

This was joint work with a set of fantastic collaborators, including my co-lead Richard Everett, @empiricallykev who led the human evaluation work, @edwardfhughes, and Matt Botvinick. Interested? Come say hi at our poster this Thu, or check out our talk.