Vincent Spruyt    @vincent_spruyt    11/23/2021      

If you speak Python, love Huggingface and SpaCy, and dig the idea of a corporate startup that applies the latest of NLP to a super exciting industry: @jorenvs is building a little dream team at @RepriseDigital and is hiring an NLP engineer! #Job
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Jesse Engel    @jesseengel    11/30/2021      

New job alert! 🚨🔍 We're hiring a Creative Engineer at Magenta! We're looking for a software engineer to help us build the next generation of awesome ML tools to empower creativity (things like: Apply here:
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IonQ    @IonQ_Inc    9 hours      

Are you a @qiskit Advocate? A Cirq contributer? a @pennylaneai proselytizer? Want to work on these libraries (and more) full-time? IonQ is hiring a quantum tools engineer!
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Anna Huang    @huangcza    11/30/2021      

Passionate about creativity+music+art, and designing delightful user experiences powered by ML? We're hiring a Frontend/UX Engineer at Magenta!
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Hanna Wallach    @hannawallach    11/22/2021      

🚨📢 Super exciting news!!!! 🎉🎊 I'm hiring applied scientists to join my team to kickstart a new initiative on the fairness of large-scale language technologies!!!! For more info or to apply, see:
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