Boaz Barak    @boazbaraktcs    11/23/2021      

Some good advice for (especially first-time) program committee members in theoretical computer science conferences. Note that "PC member" in TCS roughly corresponds to "area chair" in other fields.
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Tom Goldstein    @tomgoldsteincs    11/23/2021      

To a theoretical computer scientist, $1 and $1,000,000 are equivalent because they are both O(1). This equivalence explains the career decisions that theoretical computer scientists have made.
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Stanford HAI    @StanfordHAI    11/24/2021      

Help shape the future of technology education at Stanford! @StanfordEthics and @StanfordHAI's Embedded EthiCS Fellowship is a collaborative program that embeds the teaching of ethics directly into Stanford’s computer science curriculum. Apply by Dec 8:
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Leo Dirac    @leopd    12/4/2021      

One-off code is especially important in data science, where you often face questions like "does this technique help or even work for us?" The answer is often "No" and the less code you can write to reach that answer the better.
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MIT CSAIL    @MIT_CSAIL    11/26/2021      

9 key computer science topics - and the best book and video for learning each of them: (credit @BradfieldCS)
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