Harvard Data Science    @harvard_data    11/23/2021      

Join us for our next 5th Anniversary Keynote, this time featuring @d_spiegel. The talk is titled "Should we trust statistics about Covid?" @XiaoLiMeng1 will be your host. Tuesday, December 7, 2021 at Noon ET. More information and registration: https://t.co/S8XcnIRsYr
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OCNS    @CNSorg    11/15/2021      

"International Workshop on the risks and challenges of neurotechnologies for human rights" Nov 23-24 More information and free registration https://t.co/shrJjzOLqv
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MilaQuebec    @Mila_Quebec    11/24/2021      

🛑Registration for #AI4Health Winter School are now open ! From Jan. 10th to 14th, international experts like Y. Bengio will present sessions on the latest notable advances in the field of data science applied to health. For more information, click here 👉https://t.co/wrC7LSV8Da

Gael Varoquaux    @GaelVaroquaux    2 hours      

All the all, these results stress that supervised learning needs different tradeoffs than inferential statistics for missing values. Come listen to Marine present this on Thur at #NeurIPS2021 https://t.co/HBOEf2Hj1c (the video above requires a registration for now). 6/6

Gerard Pons-Moll    @GerardPonsMoll1    11/30/2021      

If you are into 3D vision, do not miss 3DV 2021 https://t.co/Qbov0VRj28, tomorrow live at 10 AM CET Registration is free! We will have awesome keynote speakers @Michael_J_Black Katerina Fragkiadaki Richard Newcombe @rapideRobot and Imari Sato, Oral and Poster Sessions.
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