PyTorch Lightning    @PyTorchLightnin    11/23/2021      

🎉 We're happy to announce improved Lightning Logger Support for @neptune_ai and @weights_biases! 🤓 Learn about the new exciting functionalities:
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Stanford NLP Group    @stanfordnlp    10/19/2021      

🆕 Stanford CoreNLP 4.3.1 for Java #NLProc is out with support for new languages—Italian & Hungarian—using code from corenlp-it by Alessandro @Bond____ & data from @DH_FBK, UD, Szeged, NYTK, SPMRL (thx!) & improved PTBTokenizer with full Emoji v14 support.
    8         11    @FCB_ai    11/24/2021      

We are proud to announce that @FCB_ai has been included in the Top 12 Most Exciting Startups in Africa 🇿🇦 for 3 years in a row by @heavychef 🎉 Thank you to everyone who voted for us. The Top 5 will be announced on Thursday, 2nd December at 6pm🎉
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IonQ    @IonQ_Inc    11/2/2021      

Exciting news! We've joined the Northwest Quantum Nexus, a coalition to support Quantum Information Science research and workforce development in The Pacific Northwest, alongside amazing partners like @Microsoft, @PNNLab, and @UW.
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Animesh Garg    @animesh_garg    11/22/2021      

Future holds some very exciting directions to scale these ideas to cloud robotics
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