IonQ    @IonQ_Inc    11/23/2021      

We've been working with @DellTech on a proof-of-concept for a hybrid classical-quantum platform that pairs IonQ hardware with @DellEMC compute. It's still ongoing, but they recently wrote about its early progress and key takeaways check it out!
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Chenyan Xiong    @XiongChenyan    12/2/2021      

Some of the work we have been doing recently. I am really happy about our progress on the efficiency front. With better training strategy we can also get good performance with fewer parameters and GPU hours.

Juan Sequeda    @juansequeda    11/24/2021      

Our @HonestNoBSData Catalog & Cocktails podcast with @andyhpalmer CEO of @Tamr_Inc Takeaways: - No data vendor is complete enough Monolithic are DEAD - Declarative languages matter - Modern data ops: Bidirectional feedback Human & machine working together
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Xi Wang    @wangxieric    12/6/2021      

Today, for our ongoing #IRTalk series @GlasgowCS @ir_glasgow, Lena Voita (@lena_voita) is giving a hybrid mode seminar talk. The talk is entitled "Neural Machine Translation Inside Out", and the detail of this event can also be found in
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ServiceNow    @servicenow    12/1/2021      

Ready for hybrid?🙋‍♀️ Our Chief People Officer @jpcanney spotlights her three-pronged strategy for hybrid work success. via @forbes ht