Jack Clark    @jackclarkSF    11/23/2021      

Import AI will be taking thanksgiving week off. I'm posting this because I think newsletter writers can suffer from burnout due to always being on. I always try and take 2-3 weeks off from the newsletter each year, and I've decided this week is one of them. See y'all!
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Andrej Karpathy    @karpathy    11/25/2021      

Haha, wanted to start a dev server so I was going to `make run`, but misspelled it as `make fun`, and then decided this is much better and changed the Makefile. Anyway, happy thanksgiving everyone! :) 🙏
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Thomas Wiecki    @twiecki    11/24/2021      

If you are using ADVI to fit your model because MCMC sampling is slow or has convergence issues, I would be *very* careful: ADVI will almost always converge to *a* solution, even for ill-specified models on which MCMC rightfully fails. The solution is to fix your model!
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Cushion    @cushion_ai    11/18/2021      

Who is going to get asked about their credit score at Thanksgiving this year?

François Chollet    @fchollet    11/24/2021      

Productivity tip: if you're procrastinating on something difficult or important, don't set your goal to "get it done", which may seem overwhelming and thus paralysis-inducing. Set it to "sit down, get started, and build momentum". Because that's something you can always do.
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