Mariya Toneva    @mtoneva1    11/23/2021      

My group at MPI-SWS is looking for postdocs, PhD students, and research interns interested in neuroscience + ML/NLP. Starting dates are flexible & full funding and benefits are provided. Shoot me an email if interested! Please RT to spread the word! 🙏
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Akash Srivastava    @variational_i    12/5/2021      

We are hiring research interns (summer 2022, PhD students only) @MITIBMLab to work in areas such as contrastive learning, density ratio estimation, generative models and tabular data synthesis. Please DM me your CV if you are interested. #internship
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Nicolas Papernot    @NicolasPapernot    11/25/2021      

We’re looking for PhD students interested in visiting the CleverHans lab @UofT @VectorInst @TorontoSRI for up to 6 months! We pursue projects in all aspects of trustworthy ML (e.g., security, privacy, fairness, ethics). Let me know if you’re interested or help spread the word!
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Junjie Hu    @JunjieHu12    12/2/2021      

I am looking for PhD students at UW-Madison in Fall 2022. If you’re interested in NLP/ML, especially on multilingual NLP, multimodal learning, and transfer learning for translation and healthcare, please apply! Check my website for more details!
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Taco Cohen    @TacoCohen    12/1/2021      

We're looking for summer interns at Qualcomm AI Research in Amsterdam! Interested in working on causal rep. learning & RL (my team), compression/generative models, combinatorial opt., model efficiency, federated learning, wireless, perception? Apply now!
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