Sanja Fidler    @FidlerSanja    11/23/2021      

Code for this project is now released: ! @davidjesusacu @MarcTLaw @NVIDIAAI
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Arash Vahdat    @ArashVahdat    12/2/2021      

We have released the #LSGM source code with a brand new project page at: If you're interested in denoising diffusion models (a.k.a. score-based generative models), come to our poster session next week at #NeurIPS2021.
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Been Kim    @_beenkim    12/2/2021      

So in your email, please instead state: 1) Very brief description a project that you are most proud of and why (with the link to the writeup if any) 2) What did not work in that project 3) Why you would be interested in working with me 3/n

Joan Serrà    @serrjoa    11/25/2021      

Our latest work is now available. Check the project website for audio examples!
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Shruti Rijhwani    @shrutirij    12/1/2021      

Thank you, this wouldn't have been possible without you! I'm so happy to be working on this project :-)