Xiang Ren    @xiangrenNLP    11/23/2021      

We’re excited to have the #DeepLo workshop back for a 3rd edition, co-located at #NAACL2022. Awesome team and line-up of speakers. Looking to the great get-together.
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Xiang Ren    @xiangrenNLP    11/1/2021      

πŸ“’ Pls voteπŸ—³οΈ for having the 2nd edition of Commonsense Reasoning workshop at *CL 2022 confs. We're excited about hearing what everyone is working on for CSR & gathering to envision the future πŸ€–. Not to mention the great co-organizers/speakers who put together this!πŸ‘‡
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Max Bartolo    @max_nlp    11/23/2021      

Super excited to announce that our proposal has been accepted and The First Workshop on Dynamic Adversarial Data Collection (DADC) will take place at #NAACL2022 @aclmeeting in Seattle πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ! #NLProc Stay tuned, this is going to be fun! πŸš€
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Sewon Min    @sewon__min    11/10/2021      

#EMNLP2021 Join us 9am AST tomorrow (Nov 10) at the MRQA workshop! Great line of speakers, panelists, and papers. The workshop is "hybrid" and half of the talks are "in-person"😊 Schedule: https://t.co/UrT8HDV2RT
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Katherine Lee    @katherine1ee    11/24/2021      

Midterm elections are coming up & there's much work to be done! If you have some background in tech/data and are looking to find out how this can be helpful for campaigns, Arena is putting on a 2.5 day workshop on this. It does cost some $$ though scholarships are available.
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